Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 2011 Fashion Cravings

I love October! Not just because it is my birth month (Libra's rock) but it's the transition time for fashion. The air is getting crisper thus it is time to add on warmer pieces to your summer flare. Here are some of the fashion items I am totally craving for this month.

1. Cardigans are a must for Fall. This one I particularly love because of its vibrant purple color and lightweight construction. For someone who lives in a tropical climate like me, the weather does not get cold enough to warrant use of heavy jackets. A cardigan like this offers just the right amount of protection for our brisk tropical nights. For those living in colder weather, you can overlay a heavier jacket (wool or leather) to help keep you warmer.

2. Leather jackets are resilient and can provide much needed warmth when the temperature drops. As stated previously they are awesome to layer with a cardigan or sweater. I love the look of this leather jacket because it maintains a polished feminine feel. It can look good either in the office or for a night out on the town.

3.  I know most of you must think I am crazy for including floral shorts on my October Fashion Cravings but there is a method to my madness. Now is the perfect time to wear these floral shorts before it gets too cold. Pair the shorts with solid tights in a complimenting color. The tights will offer protection for your legs and bring out the wonderful pattern to the shorts. Wear them with your favorite boots or wedges.

4. I cannot say how much I want a pair of bright red wedges. I absolutely fell in love with them when I visited our local Aldo. Red is a perfect color for Fall and can provide you a nice pop of color when the rest of your outfit is tame. Be bold and pair it with some red lipstick.

5.  Bib necklaces were all the rage for Fall 2011 runway shows. Accessories are a great way to introduce trendiness to your look without breaking your budget. I love this piece from Forever 21. It's eye catching and will compliment either a casual or formal look. And the best part is it's only $10!

6. Patterned leggings are another way to help keep your legs warm but still add some funkiness to your look. You can wear them alone or layer a mini skirt on top.  Ladies with slender legs look better with larger patterns and full figured ladies (like myself) should go for a smaller pattern.

7.  The brown satchel is a great inspired and practical piece for Fall. It's a great purse to rock on casual wear work days or for a day of fun shopping with friends. It'll hold all of your essential items (wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, etc) and still have room for your sweater or jacket if it gets warm.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Article Find - Study: Makeup Makes Women Look More Competent, Trustworthy

I came across this article today and I thought I'd share it with my readers.


I thought it was very interesting that overall people found that women looked more competent and trustworthy when they had a bit of makeup on. While we all fight to have our success based on what we have in our heads not what's on top it, but we can't deny that in some way our appearance does have an effect on how you are perceived. So ladies, there is nothing wrong with taking some time in the morning to apply a little makeup. When you looked polished, you feel confident and confidence can help bring out all the great things you know.

Me with no makeup.

Me with makeup. Who looks more competent??


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can a Recession Derail Your Quest for Style? Not Necessarily....

The value of the dollar is going down. Unemployment is up. The economy looks like it's sucking wind on the 5th mile of the 26 mile marathon road to recovery. You want to be fashionably in style but can't fathom spending your rent money on a new designer outfit or pair shoes. What's a fashionista on a budget to do? The answer get smart on where you shop.

One of the best bargain websites that I belong is Justfab.com. This website is a must for a fashionista on a budget. They have the most up to date styles for shoes, purses, jewelry and now jeans. They even have styles inspired by your favorite celebrity and designers. Every item on the site is only $39.95/ea and shipping is free. Each month your stylist consultant will pull a bunch of selections for you based on your style profile. If you don't like the selections you can always inform them what you are specifically looking for and they will revise your selections. They even have BOGO (buy one get one free) sales.

Now most of you are thinking, Shelly,  do I have pay to be member and do I got to keep buying each month in order to stay a member? The answers are it is free and no. You can decide when you want to purchase an item. Just be sure to opt out of buying for that month by the 5th of the month in order to avoid any charges to your account. When you do make a purchase you build up reward points which can be redeemed for a free purchase. You can also earn reward points by doing style surveys on the website. I've earned enough free reward points from surveys to earn 2 free items.

I know you are thinking "Hmm $39.95 that is a good deal but they quality can't be that good if it is that cheap." Well let me say this I've received 3 shoes and 2 bags from them and every item has been well made and look just as good as anything you'll get in the department store or boutique. I've received a lot of compliments on the items because they are unique and hot hot! The shoes fit wonderfully and are pretty comfortable even though they are high heels.

My Just Fabulous Purchases
My favorite pair of shoes

But Shelly I am not comfortable with buying something I can't try on. Well Justfab.com has one of the best return policies. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it in 30 days no questions asked for a free credit or refund. They will even pay for the return shipping! Just make sure the item is in resalable condition. However do note that if you are returning the item for a refund you will be charged a small restocking fee of $5.95. Not bad huh?

So budget fashionistas don't wait, log on to www.justfab.com and see what bargain deals you can get on the latest styles. And remember purchase only when you feel comfortable and ready!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Been Too Long

Dear Shellbelle's World,
I am so sorry for my utter lack of care these past 9 months! I can't believe my last post was back in October 2010! I know I know you have suffered serious neglect but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of things to post. I was honestly just being lazy or too busy (planning a wedding can be time consuming). I have missed posting and doing videos. It's one of things that can bring sanity to my sometimes crazy life. So I promise never again to abandon it in this manner again.

With that said I have been thinking of all new posts and a new direction that I want to take the blog. Of course I am still going to post about makeup, fashion and other fun things but the posts are going to be geared towards not just fun but also positive change. I truly do want to help others and for me nothing is more rewarding than doing something positive. Over the past few months I've been doing some research on how to create changes that help transform not only a person's outside but inside as well. Remember true beauty comes from inside and if we aren't happy inside, the outside won't matter. It's really helped me address not only my skin issues but health issues as well. I am really excited about all the new things I have   planned. I truly hope you to tune in for it!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adam Lambert Inspired Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to get Adam Lambert's makeup look in "If I Had You". It's the perfect glam rocker that you can use for Halloween!

Music By: Adam Lambert
Songs: If I Had You and For Your Entertainment

Products Used:
Jane Iredale Pure Press Base Foundation - Warm Sienna
Jane Iredale Blemish Concealer
Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Coastal Scents 88 Palette - Pewter
Stila Dual Eyeshadow & Liner - Onyx
Coastal Scents 88 Palette - Black
Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler
Maybelline Full N' Soft - Dark Brown
Etude House Sparkle Powder
Sephora Eye Liner Pencil - White
Prestige Powder Shadow - Silver
Cover F/X Blush - Golden Peach
Etude House Pink Gloss

Adam Lambert - If I Had You
Me rocking the Glambert look

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Shellbelle.......

Dear Shellbelle
What’s your preferred line of makeup brushes? What’s in your necessity/travel kit? What’s the best deal? Should I save or slurge on brushes?

Questions on makeup brushes are some of the most frequent ones I receive. Brushes to me can be the difference between your makeup looking flawless or streaky. Like any good artist you need to not only invest in your materials but also your tools. The key thing to remember with brushes is to spend your money smartly. You don’t need mucho dinero or buy 100’s of different brushes to apply your makeup beautifully.  Here are my recommendations for what brushes to get:
STIPPLE OR POWDER BRUSH (Foundation & Powder)
These two types of brushes are absolute must haves in my makeup kit. Both brushes are multiplayers that I consistently use every time I apply makeup.  In addition to using it to apply liquid and cream foundation, I use the stipple brush to apply cream moisturizers, primers, powders, blush, and bronzer. One of my favorite uses for the brush is to apply blush. It applies the blush so shear that it gives me just the right amount of glow to my face without looking streaky . The stipple brush I use is MAC’s no. 187 brush. It is a splurge at $40 but for me it was well worth it because I use it every single time I apply makeup.  The powder brush is an awesome tool if you are like me and use mineral foundation. I pretty much use mineral foundation 90% of the time when I apply my makeup so this brush is indispensable. I also use it for applying powder and building intensity for blush. I honestly have a variety of powder brushes that I use but right now I really love Jane Iredale's flat powder brush. If you had to pick one, pick one based on what type of foundation you use.

I love this brush because you can precisely apply eye shadow all over your lid and use it to create definition at your outer corner and crease. The shorter dense hairs allow you to really pack on your product and create saturated colors for your eyes. It also allows you to go more sheer just by changing your technique of applying it. I personally use MAC's no. 239 brush but Ecotools has a comparable one for a lot less.

BLENDER BRUSH (Eye shadow)
This brush is a must must have for any person who wants their makeup to be polished and not streaky. I use this brush to blend out colors along my crease line, outer/inner corners and I love to use it to apply highlighting color on my brow bone. Without this brush I would not be able to apply multiple colors on my eyes and create soft blended lines. I personally use MAC's no. 224 brush and it is worth every penny. I still have my original blender brush from years ago! 

FLAT THIN ANGLED BRUSH (Eye liner/Brow Powder)
If you want to apply your eye liner like a pro I highly recommend getting a flat thin angled brush. This brush allows me to precisely apply any gel or liquid liner to my face. I can make the line as thin and as close to the lash line with this baby. Great for achieving that natural look. This brush is multi-purpose as well because in addition to applying liner you can use it to apply brow powder. My angled brush is MAC's no. 208.
As for my favorite line of brushes, obviously I do love MAC's brushes because they are well made and they last a very long time with the proper care. I recommend anyone who applies makeup all the time or wants to do it professionally invest in these brushes. Click on the Shop Style icon to find out the brush prices as well as where to get them. However if those brushes are out of your price range at the moment, I recommend using Ecotools brushes. You can get a great 5 piece set for only $11 at CVS pharmacy. The brushes are well made and the bristles are so soft. I used in my first tutorial (Back to School) and it applied makeup very nicely. It's a great starter or travel set.

I hope this information helps you decide what type of brushes you want to get. 


50s Lady Inspired Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial will help you create a look that will go perfect with these 50’s inspired pieces. It’s a simple 10 step process that will enhance your features so you too can look like a pin up.

Music By:
Nicole Henry – Fly Me to the Moon
Emilie-Claire Barlows – Almost Like Being in Love

Products Used:
Smashbox Face Primer – Sensitive
MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
Temptu Airbrush Foundation – Sand
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Face Shop Designing Shadow – Gold/Brown
MAC Eyeshadow – Bamboo
NARS Day & Night Palette – Abyssina
MAC Eyeshadow – Soba
Etude Proof 10 Liquid Liner – Black
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Diorshow Thickening Waterproof Mascara – Black
Ardel Lashes No. 107
Cover FX – Golden Peach
MAC Lip liner – Spice
MAC Lipstick - Roccoco